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FREEDOM FARMING, it's about providing great value products you can feel good about, with a new approach to farming. We believe farming should be about producing honest, wholesome products that are affordable and farmed with a firm commitment to animal welfare.

We stand for:

Freedom Farms The freedom to choose a farming method with a higher level of animal welfare that is approved by the RSPCA.
Freedom Farms The freedom for our chickens to move about in large, cage free barns with lots of natural sunlight, fresh air and space to roam without overcrowding, as set out by the RSPCA Standards.
Freedom Farms The freedom to socialise and exhibit natural behaviour with free access to perches, as well as a healthy grain fed diet with NO added hormones.
Freedom Farms Great value for Australian families who want the freedom to choose a higher welfare product that's still affordable.
Freedom Farms A commitment to Australian Farmers and environmentally sustainable farming practices.